"My work is about communicating rural needs and a common descent. 

The presence and phenomenas of nature are often used as metaphors for observations of human codes.

   Recently I have been able to map a kind of repeatedly incorporated chain of messages in my imaginary world.

    By using self-chosen icons and symbols i tend to circuit a religious approximation, hopefully without preaching.

Both in public space, around the set table, and in interactive, pedagogic programs, I strive to open to new perspectives.  

In this, collaborations and the exploring of other artforms have become essential to me, a person whos purpouse  seem to be to communicate and make through the transparency and language of glass" 

Glass and the art of glassblowing as means of expression has endless possibilites. The craft requires a constant presence of the maker/performer. The dialogue between balance and inbalance is crucial for the end result.

To Anna-Linda Gabriel, the glass combined with light is an essential source. She is using glass and its dimentions to explore identity and the everyday objects she creates are made as  messengers.

As a child, Anna-Linda Gabriel was introduced to the world of glass at the Cobolt Work (Blaafarvev√¶rket) in Modum, Norway. She describes the old cobalt mine, its distinct blue powder and its chemical transformation used in the glass production, as suggestive. Later, the curiosity about the whole glassmaking process inspired her to seek an apprentice. 

Later on she sought knowledge from other glass studios and was recommended applying for the Glass School at Kosta. 

Since 1998, Anna-Linda Gabriel has engaged herself in the art of glassmaking, and advanced and refined her own workmethods and techniques according to what she seeks to execute both in glass studios and the academic world. 

Anna-Linda who has family and ancestral roots in Norway, The Philippines and Italy, has done research on her rich, historic identity. Thus, it becomes natural to explore culture, heritage and history where she is situated today, in Sm√•land. This is imbedded within her artistic language. Her aim is to find a common ground regardless of origin, legacy and culture. Centered around the very beginning of a human's life as an embryo. Anna-Linda sees the fetus as a carrier of potential and a unique state of the origin of a human being.  

Victoria Larsen                                                                                                                                                      Artist and poet