CV   ANNA-LINDA GABRIEL                                                                                                            


The Swedish Glass Academy (board member)

KIF (Organisation for Applied art and Industrial design) resting member

KHVC Organisation for Allpied art), resting member.



Shortfilmproduction Linnéuniveristy, LNU 2021 5p

Cultural heritage and entrepreneurship LNU 12 p 2020

Glass design at the University of Växjö ,Sweden, (40p)  2003-2004                                  

The Glasschool in Kosta, Sweden (Nordic class)  3 years1998-2001                                                       

University of Oslo, Ex fac.  1997                                                                                             



Neon, plasma, The Glass Factory 2018

Sculpting- Karen Willenbrink Johnston, Norway 2015

Sculpting- Karen Willenbrink Johnston (Turkey), 2014

Kilncasting KKV, Gothenburg 2008                                                                                                              



The best biennale, Smålands museum. Workshop concept and executive for  the project: Another world. 2021

In the world of the Daimons. Collaboration ( 3 years)  with Torsskolan, Torsås2019-

Do Identity Yourself. Pedagogic workshops in the region concerning contemporary relevance of the material that represents the cultural heritage of the society they live in. 2021

Week long summercamps for children of Kalmar at Kalmar art museum. Programdesign and leader since 2018 until this year. 


DESIGN ASSIGNMENTS (Last 10 years only)

The New Map, Gnosjö Laserstans, Vandalorum. 2016

Granite and Glasdesign for Emmaboda Granit. 2013-2014

Production and design of stageprops för Stockholm Stadsteatern, Skärholmen


Design for Reijmyre Glassworks, presented at Formex  2012                                                                                                         

Glasselements for the Amsterdam fashionweek 2011



The world of Daimons, Torsskolan 2021

The path of the river. Preeschool. Emmaboda commune, 2013                                                    



Regionforbundet I Kalmar län,2021

Regionforbundet  I Kalmar län, 2014

Regionforbundet I Kalmar län, 2011-2013                                                                                            

Emmaboda Kommune Work Grant, 2009                                                                                   


 SOLOEXHIBITIONS (Last 6 years only)

Vida museum, Öland Sweden2021

The Glass Factory, Boda, Sweden 2021

Kunsthåndverkerne I Kongensgate, Oslo, Norway 2018

Bromölla art organisation, Sweden 2015


GROUP EXHIBITIONS: (Last 6 years only)

 Due to the pandemic..Vandalorum  2021

Center gallery, Tjustbygdens artorganisation 2019

Wunderbaum, Smålands museum 2019

In the shadow of the woods, Virserum arthall 2019

The New Map, Vandalorum 2016

Glass without borders. Jurmala, Lettland , 2015                                                                                                              

Quo Vadis, The Glassfactory, Swedish Glassmuseum. 

Swedish Contemporary Glass, June 2015-January, 2016                                                                                           

Galleri Avspänt, Smögen, Juni-Augusti , 2015                                                                               

The Masters behind the glass, Österlen, Sweden ,2014                                                                



Lofoten Nord-Norsk kunstnerscenter, Svolvær, Norway.2021

Borderless GlassThe network Sweden-Lettland , 2015                                                             


PROJECTS (last 6 years)

 For the child within2021

Note to Self, Film with glass and dance2021

The Amber Room. Colletive harvest, filmproject. 2019

Nutrition Needed–Nektar.

 Workshop, and study in the term Nectar,The Glassfactory. 2013                                                                                                               

Glassauction for the victims of the typhoon in the Philippines, The Glassfactory. 2013                                                                                                                    

Co projectcoordinator for Oxögat. Glass heritage, meetingpoints, 

and the networkintroduction for young new citizens of the Commune. 2013-2014                                

Rauk-Sharetime Gillberga Öland Spirar, Site specific installation 2015



 Ben Moore studio  (USA) 2 weeks , 2000                                                                                 

 Egenart Glasstudio (Norway) 1999-2000                                                                                              



Istanbul, 2014                                                                                                                            

Murano ,Venice, 2001, 2012

Seattle, USA, 2000

Cerfav glasschool in Nancy,France  1999